Dance academy cast dating

Even in terms of retaining our G Classification we treated a same sex kiss no differently than we treated a ‘straight’ kiss.We have been really delighted with the response to these storylines from our audience, with fans debating who Sammy would have a better relationship with as opposed to focusing solely on whether or not he is gay.“We plan to further explore this storyline in Series 2 bringing in more questions of sexuality.

We decided to treat this storyline not as a ‘gay’ story but about what happens when you fall in love with your best friend – how difficult these feelings are to admit and how they might affect your relationship.“In one of the episodes Sammy kisses his ex-girlfriend Abigail and imagines he’s kissing Christian instead.With all the familiar favourites from the original series and some new faces, DANCE ACADEMY is a heartwarming story of ordinary people fighting to achieve their extraordinary dreams.While Neighbours has garnered a good deal of attention for having its first resident gay male teenager, Dance Academy recently dealt with the same subject in an even earlier timeslot of pm.Friendships develop among unlikely groups, and the cast reflects real-world diversity.Bad behavior usually has consequences of some kind.

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