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It's strongly recommended to run those pending jobs before upgrading the wiki, to avoid them failing in case the parameter specification of those jobs change on the new version.

Use run While the upgrade scripts are well-maintained and robust, things could still go awry.

If you instead extract the new version directly on top of your old version, rather than in a new directory, you should follow the instructions described in Back up existing files and the database: otherwise, if you've made any customizations you may erase them in a way that leaves you with no reference to re-apply them from.

Extracting a tarball over top of your live copy of Media Wiki can also leave behind files from the old version of Media Wiki which may interfere with the upgraded code.

At first the young girl did not know how to deal with the criticism.

Emily-Temple received derogatory comments, abusive language and comments that would even make the hardest convict in a prison blush.She wants the world to know about female scientists on Wikipedia.Temple-Wood knows how important it is to have women represented on Wikipedia whether they create, edit or update a Wikipedia page, or they are the subject of the page themselves.She must tell the world about women that are involved in scientific field as well as women in general.When Temple-Wood was age 12 she wrote some articles on Wikipedia.

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