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How crazy would 2017 get if Bella Thorne and Dove Cameron started dating?To be honest, it could actually happen which would make for one of the coolest relationships ever!After a ton of speculation, Lauren Elizabeth and Cameron Fuller have confirmed that they are in fact dating.The You Tube stars posted some cute snaps of themselves kissing and getting cozy on social media. Sorry it’s late…it’s @Lauren Elizabeth fault…she distracted me,” Cameron tweeted.He has smooched Britney, groped Kylie and is touring with Christina Aguilera. The latest lady to succumb to his charms is Cameron Diaz.They were first seen together in April at an awards show, before heading to a LA nightclub to party together.Dove hasn't dated, that we know of, any girls in her past so again, this was something super new that shocked fans! Well, Bella is another star who has more openly talked about her sexuality.

A few days ago, Thomas posted a photo of Dove and captioned it "shy," as she peered out from behind a door.

Earlier this week Cameron, who herself is Black, told a TMZ cameraman, “I actually don’t date Black guys,” before adding “I just have a thing for white boys.”Feeling the heat on social media, Andrew tried to clear things up by stating that she has dated Black men in the past but ultimately it became a “preference thing” and wouldn’t rule out one day marrying a Black man. On the bright side, she does support Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson’s possible run for President Of The United States.

But for now, she’s making Donald Trump’s people’s proud.

But, in recent weeks, they have been spotted on several dates in LA, according to reports. It told how Timberlake was seen waiting in a car outside a sushi restaurant while Diaz was inside picking up a late-night takeaway.

At 30, Diaz is eight years older than singer Timberlake, who went solo after quitting boyband *N Sync.

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