Dating gem safety razors

In 1950, they started marking razors with the date codes.The following chart is a list of my dated Gillette razors.Now that's a pretty cool 1960s spy gadget sequence that the modern Bond films can take an example of.The Gillette Slim Adjustable 1-9 razor is still easy to find on e Bay (see below for the most recent offerings).Following that is a chart explaining the coding system Gillette used from the beginning.Although the clean-shaven look has been in style periodically since at least the 12th Egyptian Dynasty, or around 2000 B.

A safety razor is a shaving implement with a protective device positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin.

Two of Cadman's sons followed him into the business. Constant growth, however, made it advisable for the firm to start exporting on its own.

The Cadmans' business was located at various addresses in Sheffield over the years. Soon other articles of the cutlery industry were added to the selection of products. joined the firm and the name was changed to ' DORKO Stahlwarenfabrik Dorten & Co.'.

To soften a beard for shaving, towels were heated in a steam cabinet and wrapped around a man’s chin; to minimize nicks and razor burn, foaming soap suds were mixed in a shaving mug using a brush made from badger or hog whiskers.

Generally, razors designed for the barbershop were unadorned, while those for home use sometimes included elaborately carved blades or handles.

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